Monday, November 19, 2012

Ignore the arms on the ground, I was exercising.

So back to the EA Sports Wii workout. I kept putting this off until close to bedtime so I could work out, shower and get right into bed.

I was worried about a lot more lunging but today focused on arm workouts. The game comes with a resistance band but it feels flimsy and I don't trust myself to securely tie the strap.

Instead I use the dinky little two pound weights I picked up at Rite Aid years ago. Two pounds sounds like nothing but I definitely felt the burn after thirty minutes of lifting, holding, contorting, etc. If I ever build my strength I could strap on wrist weights to get a stronger workout.

I'm also debating getting a wireless wii nunchuck. This game is played with the nunchuck either in a hip pouch or in your opposite hand. In some of the moves I have yanked the cord or hit myself in the face :O

Overall I am pretty happy with the workout I am getting. Every day its a different workout and I like the days of rest in between. Even though today was only day three I was not laying on the floor like on day one.

Best of all, I haven't done a single sit-up yet!