Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hoop Around, Hoop Around!

Remember that weighted hula hoop I picked up last year? Turns out I've been hooping incorrectly all this time! "Real" hoopers stand with one foot forward, spin the hoop and then shift the weight from the back foot to the back foot maintaining momentum and speed. I've been twisting my torso like I did in grade school! That explains why my knees hurt from doing this :P

I received Hoopnotica Level 1 and also the Hoop Dance Workout for my birthday. I did both warm ups and introductions. Wanna hear about it? Happy to oblige!

Hoopnotica Level 1 definitely has the best warm up. It focuses on stretching using the hoop for support. I love stretching and even got a few back cracks in the few minutes worth of stretching. The Hoop Dance Workout focuses on faster movement since this dvd is for working out instead of learning basics.

After that I did both introductions.

Hoopnotica has the clearer explanation on posture and a trouble shooting guide. It helped me realize my hoop only falls when I lean forward. As long as I stay centered and moving quickly the hoop stayed up. Then it explained how to spin inside the hoop. I got 75% around without dropping the hoop but today was only day 1!

The Hoop Dance workout dvd had a different approach. It focused on recovering the hoop instead of keeping it up. It suggested speeding up (check), ducking to bring the hoop back up as you stand (no way) and something else I couldn't do either. Afterwards it showed how to speed up the hoop using faster breathing/stomache muscles. This turned out to be quite a work out!

As I said earlier I've been hooping like a little kid. I spin it, move my pelvis and pick up the hoop when it falls. Repeat. I never thought to breath out when it comes around to push it! This is like those fast breathing exercises I've done in bikram and basic work outs - except I am also keeping a hoop up. This was very tiring and instead of just feeling sore on the sides of my torse the front of my stomache feels sore too.

I'm pretty optimistic about hooping. I like working out at home and have gained so much weight in the last couple of months.