Sunday, November 18, 2012

EA Sports Active - PHEW

My stance doesn't look like this. Yes, I've kick boxxed.
I received EA Sports Active for my birthday and its such a work out! I started the 30 Day Workout Challenge on Friday because I really wanted to hoop but I'd drunk too much water. (Aside: have you ever tried hooping with a belly full of water? It sounded like a horror movie drowning in my mid-section.)

Anyway, its set to work out different parts of your body for two days in 30 minute work out sessions, then you get a day of rest. There is a video illustrating every move. The video is of a real person using the Wii equipment - psychologically so much better than a cartoon.

I have very weak legs and Day 1's "30 Minutes" took me about an hour to complete. There was water drinking and at some points total collapsing on the floor. Don't judge me!

Day two was all about lunging and jumping. Lunging I can do but jumping kills me! The sides of my butt are so ridiculously sore today.

Today is day 3 so I get to rest. Lets see what the rest of the 30 days brings :P