Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brookstone - $50 gift card for $25! BUT WAIT! There is more

I have been feeling like this a lot lately
Living Social has $50 gift cards to Brookstone for $25! Click here to order yours.

Use promo code RETAILME5 for $5 off $50 or more plus free shipping at Brookstone

You receive an on-line code COVERED IN GOLD (not really)
You can use 2 gift cards on-line and up to 7 if you order over the phone (1-866-576-7337). The gift card codes arrive within seconds!

If you have a Discover card place your Brookstone order through Discover's shopping mall link.* Brookstone is currently at 15% cashback plus 5% bonus for shopping on-line - so 20% back! The BEST part is Discover will cashback on pre-gift card price. I purchased a $100 item so Discover will give me $20, EVEN THOUGH I only charged $1.65.

So here are my details:

I purchased the Brookstone iPad boombox, after having fallen in lust with its looks, battery and portability last week.

Boombox $99.99
Tax $6.66
Applied $100 gift card
Applied Promo Code $5 + free ship
Total: $1.65
Gift cards cost $50 but Discover will give me back $20
Real total: $31.65


Time to remove you from the Amazon wishlist foo!
*Note: I could have saved 10% on the $25 Living Social gc if I'd purchased the gift card through Discover but am working on spending that $500 gift card from yesterday.

Random: Make a minumum purchase $99 or more at Brookstone by 11/26 and have a $20 Brookstone Bucks voucher emailed to you to be used 11/27/12 through 12/29/12. $20 at Brookstone doesn't go far and there isn't anything else I really want so I don't count this as part of my final price.


Anonymous said...

You were able to apply 2 living social gift card to your brookstone order? I was only able to enter 1. After the first one the box went grey. thanks