Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who wants to go bird watching with me?

That's not even a euphemism ;)

http://us.zilok.com/ is this crazy cool site where you can rent stuff from regular folks in daily, weekly or even monthly increments. I live in a pretty urban area so was mightily surprised to find someone with thousands of dollars in digital camera equipment renting right in town!!!

Look a fisheye lens for $3 a day: http://us.zilok.com/rental/52208--via-shipping-canon-ef-20-35mm-f-3-5-4-5.html?l=45770

This badass zoom lens is $6: http://us.zilok.com/rental/52182--via-shipping-canon-ef-300mm-f-4l-is.html?l=45770

This guy rents nonsense like memory cards and filters for a buck a day too.

I am going to putter and see how much work it is to rent on here. Don't we all have loads of unused technology and a desire for passive income?