Friday, September 7, 2012

So what's a mangosteen?

Bzzagent sent me coupons to try out the new Glade Expressions collection. I was pretty excited because Glade always has great ideas (remember the glass candle holders and the little fans?) plus awesome scents.

I received coupons for one Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter and one Starter Kit. It was a toss-up between pineapple/mangosteen and country apple but in the end my tastebuds went with the mangosteen.

Isn't this holder so pretty? It lasts about a month and the smell is really strong! As soon as you enter my apartment you can smell it but its not an icky chemical smell. It smells like I am making my (nonexistant) pinapple cake recipe.

The spray also smells great but I don't use it as much. I hate spraying a room then walking by a few minutes later and feeling that cloud of smell on my skin. I don't normally use sprays so I don't know if its a plus that this spray lingers but I sprayed a room, went to put the spray away and when I came back I could feel the particles in the air on my legs. Perhaps this is a plus that helps the smell linger?

In either case both embodiments of the smell work wonderfully! I am definitely a fan of the holder in the bathroom. Its so pretty, doesn't need to be plugged in and doesn't require batteries. I love having autonomous stuff in my house!

Both of these are on sale this week at CVS and there was a "buy one, get one free" offer recently in the papers as well.