Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random Roundup

Or as I like to call it - cleaning off my desktop images

First up is the coolest trellis google could show me! I tried to grow all kinds of trailing pumpkins and canteloupe and cucumbers this year. After a few good nights of wind everything broke and I had to clean it all up. I'm not saying a pretty trellis would have solved my problems but it would have given me something pretty to look at after my plants were gone.

This would be a neat way of displaying all those free 8x10s Walgreens gives away monthly. I don't even think they're framed.

One of my favorite people has a birthday this weekend and I am saving this for her facebook.

I see other people hanging on pinterest and coming up with craftiness. After pinning about I end up with stuff like:

I also found some motivational work out songs: which would have been better linked to YouTube but websites need to make that referral money right?

Right now I am into (trying to) work out from home. This Michele Rogers On Demand is so awesome. She has a five day work out plan that rotates working out different parts of your body. Once you pass the first five days she has a stage two and three. Its all fun and games until day 3. Then its raspy breath, much water and a dismaying admittal of defeat.
Speaking of - if you have that On Demand thing they have so many different types of exercise videos for free. I've decided leaving the house to work out then come back is too much work so this is perfect for me ;)
My desktop and bookmarks look much clearer. Thanks blog!