Friday, September 21, 2012


Did you guys watch 21 Jump Street? The new movie, not the show from ages ago?

Spoiler alert - its about 2 cops sent undercover at a high school to bust a drug ring. At one point the cop who was cool in high school was instructing the other guy on how to be cool and well...a lot had changed since then.

Geeks and nerds are not cool! I was always both but luckily had a pretty nice school experience. Also now that I've lasikked I can't unironically wear glasses either.

Now that geeks and nerds are cool AND girls know how to use the internet we have all sorts of great memes out there - including a new favorite of mine Nerd Girl Problems:

This happens yearly with True Blood

And cause the True Blood books are SO different from the show now I don't know what's canon and what's fanfic.