Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It was an angsty tv day

Oh so very, very false

First, we watched Weeds thinking it was the series finale. Turns out the one hour finale is next week and there is only one large question waiting for an answer. I hope the answer is "NO!" but don't feel like being a tv rambler. Lets just say I hope Andy keeps on running.


Then we saw the poster for Dreamhouse and decided to watch on HBO Go. Unfortunately we youtubed the OFFICIAL trailer first and what could have been an amazing psychological thriller had 3 of its 4 twists spoiled in under 2 minutes!!! I will never condone trailers giving away major plot twists. Learn something from the Sixth Sense and keep some stuff under wraps you charlatans!

The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.
The final disappointment was on hearing yet another fallen aside plan to bring The Dark Tower to my tv: http://hbowatch.com/this-just-in-about-the-dark-tower-collapses/. I agree with the author - you can't pitch a television series and movies at the same time. Focus on one form of media, build credibility and the rest will follow. Stephen King's work is normally too psychological for television but The Dark Tower has major action. This is one series that could actually work on tv or in the movies!

Don't give up Stephen King, this will eventually be made...hopefully with my beloved Nathan Fillion at the helm.

Someone get this man a horse