Thursday, September 13, 2012

If Ikea starts making mp3 players Apple is screwed

The marketters are Ikea are geniuses! They've figure out how to tap into our current obsession with over-sharing on-line and everyone having a cellphone camera.

But how? you may ask.

Through this site dear reader:

This is where Ikea stuff owners can send in pictures of their ... stuff and get it posted by Ikea bloggers. Validation only has so many words. After all the best part of any Ikea visit is checking out the faux-rooms and playing "Guess the item's name." or if you are especially fortunate "I have this exact item in my house!"

If it were up to me Ikea would change all of their show rooms twice a year cause I've been going to my local store for the past two years and the rooms still look exactly the same *flail*

By somewhere they mean Ikea

So anyway on this website you can click around to see what real people do in their homes with real Ikea furniture. This does backfire though.

First you can see a beautifully curated clean white living room like this and decide the besta/lack combination is the bee's knees and you MUST SHOP NOW cause check out how awesome it looks in a real home. My cattiness assumes those orchids are fake and it doesn't even care.

On the other side of the room they went for a brown shelf, which I don't like. I do like those candle holders cause my guy bought me 4 for $1 at a garage sale and that makes me happy. I bet orchid owner paid more than that in tax alone! /catty

Sometimes a beautiful idea doesn't translate well to real life situations. Ikea keeps pushing these open shelving plans and while I think this setup is convinient for cooking it looks really cluttered. I don't even know what the owner could do to clean it up while maintaining functionality. They obviously curated, matched the packaging and even went with a bunch of white ceramics which are probably more decorative than useful. In a catalog they would have used decorative lighting and left half the shelves empty but that's not practical right?

Here's another idea the internet wants us all to embrace - the curtain behind the bed. Its nice to see it done with real life pleats and lighting cause lets face it - we're not all stagers. If most of us tried this trend we would end up looking like we randomly hung a curtain behind our beds too.

Of course you have folks who use filters and fiddle with photography so their stuff ends up looking like this. Doesn't it make you want to run out and buy that table?

Other shoppers go with the suggested catalog look and that's ok too - it shows that people with even three kids would be able to pull this look off.

Drop by the site - I have a feeling its going to become huge.



Alicia said...

Thanks for the info on that link. I'm going to have my first ever visit to Ikea next weekend and I can't wait!

In that photo of the kitchen that you said was cluttered? Well not only that but when you take those things down to use and they stay in the sink dirty for a few hours (days) then it throws off the whole look of the thing! It's like missing half your teeth when you smile!