Friday, August 24, 2012

We got a Habitat for Humanity store!

I can't believe it! We have a Habitat for Humanity store less than half an hour from my house!!!

It all started when I finally decided to redo the upstairs kitchen. Its been a long, tedious process and an inch of work hasn't been done yet! Anyway everyone tells me stoves need hood vents and counter space will be limited so I found this one on craigslist for sale by Habitat for Humanity:

Here it is on its side because its crazy heavy! I have multiple bruises on my legs and my car interior is a tad scratched but it was worth it to grab it for only $40! I think its going to stay right here until it gets installed upstairs. I even had the scooba go around it yesterday.

I found a crapton of stuff I will need for the re-do:
  • $8 Gallon drywall primer (its gonna be a big job)
  • $8 Gallon of beige for walls (have you guys seen how pricey paint is these days?)
  • $4 Quart of ceiling white paint
  • $2 UNSANDED BEIGE grout for the glass tile backsplash - EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED
  • .50 caulk (I bought 6 because temperance was not my strong suit this day)
  • .10 Switch plate covers (nabbed 2)

I bought this thing - forget what its called cause my front door didn't have one so locking was a chore. Funny how I never happened upon them at Depot or Lowes even though I am there all the time. See that red stain on the woodwork? I did that last week because I've had a lot of time to work on a lot of home projects lately.

I am holding this tile because they were .20 each and I was contemplating tiling the basement bathroom just to use these beauts. Luckily I came to my senses and decided to wallpaper it (in the future, future).

They had loads of brand new, discontinued home stuff for SO CHEAP like this $150 tub. If installing it in my size bathroom wouldn't have required eliminating my toilet and sink I may have been tempted.

I was so temped by this bookshelf dresser...thing. The top panels SLIDE to cover clutter! It was only $65 and hit all those covetous nerves refined by years of mid-century furniture blog reading.

So if you are lucky enough to have a local Habitat for Humanity drop by! Mine had a ton of brand new stuff from Depot and Lowes.