Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10% off Lowes Coupon

Lowes has 10% off movers coupons. Back in the day you could pick them up at any post office but now you have to request them via e-mail here: http://www.lowes.com/cd_Lowes+Moving+Center_509684072_?cm_mmc=vanity_program-_-moving-_-l-_-l

Don't be fooled into pay $6 and up for coupons on eBay, just go here and request your own.

I've been really busy with house stuff recently. I am planning to redo the upstairs kitchen next month and that has been a lot of legwork. Price comparisons are fun but like I told my cousin this morning "at some point you just see a wall of numbers and are ready to shake hands and just get it done!"

The contractors I picked will handle all the work but I have to supply the materials. That means a trip for grout and other boring stuff is in my future :)