Monday, July 2, 2012

Where the App Makers at?

When Pepsi Next debuted I bought a bottle at ShopRite for 50 cents - a bargain since most sodas are about $1 more than that. A coupon for a free Coke Zero (obviously a competitor) printed at the register.
Great, its 10am and now I want soda. Don't tell my dentist.
I could do my own taste test instead of relying on memory! Unfortunately for both companies I run a Pepsi Throwback home so Pepsi Next was a flop and Coke Zero has always been a dud.

Dear Mickey D's, I don't like mayo. Please stop putting it on my sandwiches.
Helmann's Mayo has stepped up this game.

"The brand teamed up with supermarket chain St Marche to install special software in 100 of its cash registers. This not only recognized when consumers bought Hellmann's but clocked the other items they were buying, and came up with recipes that combined several ingredients, printing them out on the till receipt." Source

This is genius on so many levels! Us couponners tend to shop for odd food. I don't know how many times I've come home laden with bags and gone "but what do I eat?" Sure I could query Google for recipes from my ingredients but that requires a special search mindset and delayed gratification.

If the register would suggest food based on my ingredients I would go home satisfied. I would probably even go back for more ingredients if it suggested a better recipe I was short a few ingredients for - EVEN IF THEY WEREN'T ON SALE!

Hey app makers! Get on that!