Friday, July 6, 2012

What a lovely summer mantle

I am SO jealous of anyone with a mantle.

While my manticular angst peaks in December, summer has its share of green eyedness too. Just look at this summer mantle over at Cleverly Inspired:

Sand in a glass jar with seashells!? Sign me up for depleting nature's resources too!!!

When I clicked over to let my fellow bloggyette know how much I loved her scene I was doubly surprised to see those teeny footprints are from her kids almost a decade ago! She took them to the beach, let them run amock (I wager) and dropped plaster of paris in their footprints.

How adorable is that!?


Alicia said...

That is super adorable! I didn't even notice they were little footprints until you mentioned them. I've moved to a new house and I no longer have a mantle. I suppose I can decorated the top of the television? *sigh* I have manticular angst as well.