Tuesday, July 3, 2012

on my dysfunctional relationship with Best Buy

Back in 2004, when Best Buy's prices were so high they were only competing with ... Best Buy they got a new CEO who vowed to separate the "devil" deal hunting customers from the "angel" customers. The "angels" bought anything because it was at Best Buy and the devils only dropped by when there was a big sale.

I guess the strategy worked out because I didn't shop there for at least five years. It was a long battle but in the end their low blu-ray prices, steelbooks and now free $10 for every $50 spent in media promotions have brought me back.

Our careful truce may be coming to an end though.

Forbes reports that Best Buy is working on eliminating "showrooming" which is checking out an item in person then buying it for less on-line. The internet is uproary because how do you eliminate showrooming in an era when grade schoolers have iPhones?

Do you approach people with their smartphones out?

Do you jam internet signals in store?

Do you just ban cell phones in stores?

Do you just go nuts and lower your prices until you are competing with on-line stores instead of trying to pretend they don't exist?