Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is that a plate rack?

I was just saying yesterday I don't mind leaving plates and cups in the dish rack until it is overfilled. Its kinda handy always having a plate and silverware clean and ready to be reached for. I didn't think of the very simple solution to my non-problem until I saw this picture in this month's Home and Garden:

Blurriness aside, isn't that an adorable kitchen? Green is my second favorite color and this picture almost made me want to repaint my perfect grey kitchen. Almost.

My kitchen has two windows with a gap between them just like this but I have a picture and decorative shelf there. A little cabinet with a dishrack would be much handier and practical.

So I turned to google and found more dish racks to ogle:

Isn't this one cute? It makes me wonder how much work it would be to add a rack under an existing shelf.

This one looks like an existing cabinet had its doors dumped and a  rack retro-fitted. It also made me realise how simple this would be to create with a regular old bookshelf. Or you could troll the "as is" section at Ikea.

Clearly not a "diy" setup. This one cabinet probably cost more than all of mine combined.

And this one? Scares the daylights out of me. I bet vampires live inside those horrible cabinet coffins and are just waiting for someone to reach for a plate so they can SWOOP in.

Vampires can be lazy too.


Supriya Arcot said...

Good Blog .Nice pics .. Err just one Q . U said Green is your fav colour . So which is your first fav colour please. Just asking . don't answer if you don't wish to .