Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get Back to School Young 'Uns!

Office Depot rebates are 2 per day all week. You could own a bushel of apple post its!
Have fewer kids been out in your neck of the woods? I don't know if its the heat, the internet or all the gaming devices but there are hardly any kids out this summer. My first summer as a licensed driver there were more kids jaywalking than actual bluejays.

In any case soon there will be EVEN less children in the streets because school starts up soon. How do I, a non-parent, know this? Cause Office Depot and Staples have started up their pricing wars!

Its the beginning of a new quarter so Office Depot will be going crazy with 100% free after rewards stuff next week:

I am going to pick up those laser labels with the rebates. I've done this exact deal twice in the last year and its always worked as a nice double dip. Then I eBay the labels for a triple deal trifecta.

Staples isn't slouching although their deals are focussed on supplies for kids rather than adults:

Make sure you print out the $5 off a $30 Staples coupon before you head over cause saving money is cool!