Tuesday, July 10, 2012

eBay Free Listing Week

See how his 50 items resulted in him holding $1 bills? This is a good visual of how eBay works ;)
So eBay lets you list up to 50 things free each month and normally that's enough. Sometimes I get spontaneously decluttery/entrepeneury and run out of free listings. Well guess what?

You guessed it - this was one of those months!  Luckily eBay just announced a week of free listings (July 11-17)!

eBay dies out during the summer since deal seekers are out saling (sigh) but I don't mind relisting as long as its free. I've been buying Office Depot furniture (desk, shelf, printer cart) and pretending organized clutter is non-existent clutter.

One of my favorite people will be staying with me soon and while I'm excited at the unexpected roomy'ness I really have to reduce the amount of stuff in my office so I can move it over a room.

I guess its a race to see how much stuff I can unload this week!

Challenge Accepted.


Paulette said...

I'm going to try and list during this free period. I too have been decluttering.