Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank goodness for that penny I saved

So back when I started this blog I was financially focussed. I was trying to build a year long security fund so that I could stop thinking about money. I am so grateful I dedicated time to saving because its been such a blessing.

The first reward is obvious. By saving in my twenties I was able to work less and enjoy life more in my thirties. I was able to think (worry) less about money and frugal habits were already ingrained. While I worked less and spent more, I didn't need to touch my security fund. In fact I hadn't withdrawn anything from that account since establishing it.

We had a medical emergency earlier this month (everyone is fine) and I had to make a withdrawal in order to help with medical bills. I withdrew without hesitation and with the assurance that I could rebuild the funds.

I was surprised by how little attachment I felt to that money. It always had a nebulous emergency feel and was never part of my everyday spending. I was just grateful it was there when I needed it.