Thursday, May 24, 2012

Handyman NJ is Pretty Awesome!

As you guys know I moved last year filled with grandoise plans and little know-how. When I got back this weekend my bathroom sink had sprung a leak and then there was an odd hissing sound.

Luckily LivingSocial had a deal for 2 hours worth of handyman work for $75 cause it turned out my ancient bathroom faucet had given up the ghost. I swung by Lowes, picked up a new one and my handy person installed it. Honestly, I'm not too miffed sinced the old faucet was shiny gold and way too fancy for my subdued bath.

Since this is an old house (hundrarian Baby!) there were complications but it was done in about the two expected hours. He accidentally installed the handles sideways at first but I like quirky things. Plus I kinda think it will be easier to push them out for open and in to close so I asked they be left like that.

Now I am checking out all the other living social deals in my neighborhood cause my gutters are clogged too.

I kinda love these groupon/livingsocial/amazonlocal things. They help me try new resources for so little!