Friday, March 16, 2012

I quit my job today

I like my job. I respect my boss. There is a ton of natural lighting on our floor and the building is in a 3.5% sales tax city.

Unfortunately I was boxxed in. I've been doing the same work for years because I don't know the program. So I signed up for a class almost a year ago. Then the class was cancelled because the program publisher was phasing it out.

Then we got bought by JCPenney.

Then we were moving to NY in January.

There was too much instability without end in sight and I finally just had it. Earlier this week I told my guy it felt like a soul that's been kept around beyond its natural span and has just rotted. I was tired of being tired.

So I quit and now I can look forward to things like assembling that desk I bought ages ago. Spring is buttoning up my garden and I have a ton of little packets. I want to paint my bedroom and put up that trim I bought months ago. Look, I even sat down to blog!

I just want to slow down, rest and get back in touch with the comfort of not feeling rushed.

I also want to not project that I will be bored out of my mind in a month and going through Want Ads like a crackhead going through broken vials.