Saturday, March 17, 2012

I never have anything good to say about Best Buy

A little over a month ago I purchased a clock radio at Best Buy as a VDay gift. It was tried out and deigned un-awesome so I had to return it. I fully understood I had thirty days to return the radio but chose to go work instead of make my return.

Thirty days was on Sunday and the store where I purchased the radio was closed that day so I went in Monday (31st day) and the manager claimed the register would not issue a refund. She offered store credit or a Visa gift card (with the $5 activation fee knocked off, of course).

My first step was to call 1-800 BestBuy and they were as unhelpful as I'd expected. The rep said the manager didn't even have to make a return and how she chose to issue the refund was up to the individual. Unhelpfulness aside (even pointing out a return on the 30th day would have been impossible) he did imply the manager could issue a return to the card if she chose.

Luckily my next call was to AMEX, with their awesome 90 day return protection policy.

Once the manager heard how cooperative AMEX was being <3 she was miraculously able to issue a refund to my credit card. Of course AMEX then had to cancel the case they'd just opened and the whole issue would have been resolved much faster if the manager hadn't been such an uncooperative jerk.

So lessons I forget constantly and need to re-learn:

1. Best Buy is a store full of jerks.
Its better to order on-line or go somewhere else and give a tracking number on a holiday than gift something that has been in contact with Best Buy.

2. AMEX will always have my back.
I don't care if they only offer cash-back. AMEX always takes care of me and should be my primary card.

3. Nothing good comes from choosing work over shopping
Maybe this lesson isn't as explicit as the rest but I shirk responsibilities when caught up in work. I knew Best Buy was a pain but I didn't make the time to get there before thirty days was up. Poor AMEX just got caught up in the middle of it.