Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why I love Dollar Stores

About 5-6 years ago Dollar Trees nationwide were selling Nintendo Advance (remember those?) cables and accessories for well... a dollar. Assuming lightning will strike twice I have been visiting their stores since and the best thing I've found were those plastic Wii control holders shaped like rackets and golf clubs and nonsense. Majorly disappointing.

Last night I went to a new dollar store with a parking lot(!) to buy disposable cups. As soon as I walked in I saw a comic book rack full of 1980s comic books. The one I am holding in this picture was from 1984:
Spiderman knows he's pissed off She-Hulk!
I wandered over to the plastic cup section and ended up buying 4 glass mugs:

Aren't they cute and stackable? I'd been kind of on the lookout for short glasses since my birthday when I set out regular tall glasses and folks would drink half a cup, abandon it and get another. Also I used to have four mugs but broke one and chipped another and if I ever make fancy layered dessers they would look adorable in these. *catches breath*

I know that's a lot of justification for a small purchase but I get criticized for buying breakables and got pre-emptively defensive ;)

The best part was over by the registers - they had surplus stock from stores NEW with tags for $1! I got three sweaters in shades of blue (because I'm into that now) and two fit perfectly while one is "ehhh." For that price the risk was worth it ;)

I am happy to report I also purchased the disposable cups I went in there to get. Sometimes bargains drive boring errands right out of my mind!


Alicia said...

Wow, you did good! I never find anything like that in our Dollar Stores, but I guess you have to go frequently. Those comic books are super!