Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let's talk about desks

If I'd been home all day yesterday I would have had this pretty little desk delivered:
Alas I work in order to buy things like pretty desks. Its a Sauder Edgewater desk from Office Depot and has a ton of storage plus is wide enough for my dual monitors.

I liked this desk more but it was twice as expensive and the main difference was the hardware.

So I turned to (the original) Depot and immediately fell in love with these lucite pulls:
Round, see-through and even though its lucite they look breakable! It hits all my weak points but I think would look out of place on this desk.

I will probably go with these in a shiny chrome since the desk will be next to a chrome etagere and I have silver frames in that room plus everyone's favorite Ikea rug: