Thursday, January 26, 2012

Silence for my Sony

Even though I knew our time was over back in October I finally closed my Sony card a few minutes ago. First there were little rewards to cash out, then purchases yielded more rewards and I bought a Sony holiday gift but finally....

I just had to make the call and do it.

It was one of my easiest closings ever. I said the new rewards program was terrible, the customer service rep said she understood and it was done. It took longer to get to the prompts than to close the card.


I've been using a Discover More card as my primary card for a few months and am pleased with it. Over the holidays they were giving 10% back at Depot and Lowes so I saved a nice chunk of change on my Black Friday purchases. I applied the credit to my statement but had the option to cash them in for higher value at different stores or even transfer them to your bank account as cash.

Most stores have $25 gift cards for $20 in rewards or $50 for $45 (I agree, this is stupid math)  but the travel options are pretty awesome. Sandals Resorts, Alamo Car Rental, Universal Orlando Resorts and others let you cash in $20 in rewards for $40 or $40 for $80. Carnival Cruise Lines lets you trade $40 for $80, $60 for $120, $100 for $200!

There wasn't a sign up bonus when I came on-board but I am still happy with my credit card decision. I still carry my MasterCard but no one has turned down the Discover yet :)