Monday, January 16, 2012

Romance is undead (and better that way!)

I am addicted to crack.

Just kidding! I love vampire stories. Its about perspective, y'all. Keep it.

So anyway - vampire stories! If this stuff had been readily available when I was a kid I would've NEVER KNOWN who Judy Blume was and forget about Ann M. Martin, Beverly Clearly and all those mythology book editors.

Cause when it comes to catastrophic romance and adventure god/human has nothing on vampire/human!

So I was SUPER amused to read A Girl You Should Date cause it extols the virtues of a book-savvy chick without pointing out what she should be reading. Its all about technicalities.

Apparently boyfriends aren't happy to receive midnight mms excerpts like these:

They also make sucky conversation partners when you NEED to discuss your conflicted crushy feelings over a fictional VAMPIRE who is soulless but possibly on his way to redemption through their love for a woman?

So yes, by all means date bookish types. Just don't assume their staying up late reading means they got any smarter last night. They may have done just the opposite ;)


In completely unrelated news I went to bed at 4am last week reading Dead and Gone. The next is on its way from paperbackswap and I can't wait to find out how all the torture and (even more) death has affected Sookie. She said she doubted she would be able to be as bubbly and happy ever again and I kind of hope so. I wanted to push Books 1 and 2 Sookie down some stairs where she could stay dead! I still want to push tv Sookie.