Monday, January 9, 2012

The mayor thinks he's a rapper

Real mayors are seldom this happy
Back when Jeff Jones was elected I was living in a neighboring town and his antics cracked me up. Now I am a resident and its like having a puppy that isn't fully trained and has access to the city budget downtown.


First he tried to get overtime pay in the aftermath of last year's flooding. Check out what our former mayor said about that :

This is exactly what we don’t need. We don’t need any shenanigans. This is what gives the impression that FEMA is a gravy train. I can’t believe that some clerk at City Hall in Paterson couldn’t discern who is a first responder and who is not. The job of mayor is 24/7. You don’t get overtime.” - U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., a Democrat from Paterson

Then Jones travelled to DC in the storm aftermath and managed to say something that wasn't censored by his lackluster speech writers. Unfortunately what he said was regarding his having to return the overtime pay:

it kind of explains, at least to me, why those who lay claim to terrorism in these United States feel that they can.

Terrorism is so ten years ago dude.


He went down to Atlantic City for a conference and brought along TWENTY-THREE officials with him!!! Only rappers need possees like that! The worst part is that his dumbassery (he got a suite, everyone else got standard rooms) is that he didn't get this ridiculous expenditure approved beforehand and the state may cut other funding cause well...our city isn't showing itself of being financially capable.

Jones is ... simple minded and can't form coherent sentences. He frequently misuses words longer than two syllables and probably lacks the attention span needed to read a blog post. Sadly, he probably does need 23 people around to keep him functioning on a semi-adult level.