Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kinda makes me interested in makeup

Lady look like a dude
Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was talking about that woman who used makeup to make herself look just like Drake?

I didn't go look because Drake's music annoys me and if one more person tells me he was on a Canadian show I will deport THEM to Canada! If the most interesting thing a singer has done is be Canadian how good can he be?

She swapped ethnicities!

Anyway I saw this picture on facebook and it linked to the same girl's facebook page. How crazy is that? She went from being super normal, I saw her at the bus stop to JLo!

I didn't realize she'd done so many looks:

Her head is even as oversized as its supposed to be!

This is just awesome.

I wonder if Kanye would apologize to her?

"Transformers needs me" Pfffft!

She does video tutorials for a lot of her looks here: