Thursday, January 5, 2012

In with the new, keep on with the old

Its weird that I took such a long, unplanned beak from blogging. I always have plenty to chatter about and things did happen but I just didn't feel like sitting down to write about it.

I guess its something I do more of now - letting my feelings dictate my actions for that day. Recently I got into the True Blood books and spent way too long under a fluffy blanket reading about dreamy Eric (unlike tv Eric, who is a tool). As soon as I finished the books I set them off on eBay and requested the next from paperbackswap.

Speaking of eBay - check out my feedback. Roughly 25% of everything I sold last year was in the last month and I am still steadily decluttering! Office Depot has a 20% off any shipping or packing material order over $20 this week. (Bottom of page 1 in the circular) All shipping comes with free tracking and up to $100 insurance.

I decorated with (arguably) too many lights and enjoyed having company over the holidays but didn't aside time to mail out cards.

Wells Fargo changed the terms on the Way2Save accounts so only the first $500 gets 3% interest. After that its only .01% interest.

Discover is my new card of choice and I am loving the cashback options.

Staples is always giving away stuff (plus a $5 off $25 coupon this week) although Office Depot is getting in on the action too. I got free plastic tubs at both stores to replace some cardboard from my move and store all my holiday decorations.

I am healthy, happy and in love. My resolution for 2012 is to continue along this path because whatever I've done has brought me here and its a pretty nice place to be :)