Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In other news

Why is the empty glass the only one with a napkin?
Does anyone who doesn't live on an HGTV set light candles? I keep being tempted by these gorgeous labras and numis but the last time I burned a candle was in early December. I wanted to get a nice "I burn candles for fun" vibe going on my Christmas display.

(Side note: Waiting for a candle to burn to the perfect height is boring!)

Look at this clever idea for cord management from this month's Martha Stewart Living!

They suggest cutting holes into plywood for cords and fitting the piece into the back of a shelf - creating a faux wall. This could be easily replicated using sturdy cardboard covered in cloth or wrapping paper. My only concern would be heat buildup in a small space as chargers are all about heat.


I came into work at 9am this morning - extremely painful since its one of my favorite Snore Times. I forgot early office mornings are so non-productive! We chatted about Resident Evil, various ways of changing some routine stuff and tried to figure out where the paper we ordered was wrongly shipped to. Plus look - its 11:30am and I've already caught up on work and am now blogging!

I feel badly for people who normally come in that early but are just as productive as me with my normal noon start time. Its such a waste (albeit a paid waste).