Friday, January 20, 2012

I was depressed but now I'm just a fangirl

I stayed up until 4am reading Dead in the Family a few days ago and was SOOOOO depressed! This is what I get for looking forward to a darker hero. The book was ok - usual bubblegum vampire lore with a few twists.

BUT THEN!!!!!!!


*****spoiler alert*****

When Sookie was about to stake Eric's maker he made some forgettable vampire quip then said she would never keep Eric either.


All that fangirl stuff that I thought died with Buffy just came swarming back in!

Its really tough being a fangirl of a book where the tv portrayal is so far off. On tv Sookie and Eric run around flirting but she is firmly in Team Boring Bill. In the books she is happily bonded to Eric and I am squeeing and fangirling around.

Of course the downside to any fangirlhood is foreshadowing and sadness. I am ok with Harris killing off everyone in the Sookie'lore but I don't want them to split up. Mock my inner tween all you want but I believe all their professions and really think the only way to end it is by killing Eric or vamping Sookie.

*woeful flail*

There are about 700 people ahead of me for Dead Reckoning so I may need to make time to get a library card and just pick it up the odl fashioned way. If their 'ship is over the bandaid may as well come off now.

Sookie + Eric = OTP