Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hoard clutter like a pro!

Back in the day I was a HUGE fan of Clean House. The first time they had a "Messiest Home in America" episode the home owner had serious hoarding issues and was nasty to everyone. Not even the cutting floor could remove all the 'tude.

In the end she refused to get rid of so much stuff that instead of getting an awesome rumpus room in the basement, the crew installed heavy duty shelving and hundreds of Rubbermaid bins full of the crap* she wouldn't let go of. It was like a Home Depot in training. I couldn't find a picture but trust me - at $10ish a pop there was alot of plastic invested in that basement.

Thanks to Office Depot and Staples average folks like us can get free containers for only the price of tax! This week Staples has 2 containers free after rewards and some stores have containers "Buy 2, get 1 free" for a trifecta of storage.
Office Depot is giving away ELEVEN different containers, 2 per day, per customer this week. If you maximixed about a thousand bucks you could end up with over 150 plastic containers! Also, Office Depot is giving away moving boxes this week so if you know someone with an itchy foot point them yonder.

Being a deal finder for so many years inevitably leads to regret. I remember buying orange tubs after Halloween at Target for 75% off years ago and later on using my ECBS to buy more at CVS. If I'd known office supply stores routinely give this stuff away in January I could have gotten loads more (matching) stuff for way less.

* When the show came back a year later to see how the family was doing the lady accused people on the show of stealing a set of silverware and something else. Even though she had a master list of what was in the tubs she hadn't gone looking too far because the tv show folks found her missing stuff. Clutter creates all kinds of angst.