Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fandom: A Continuation

I downloaded Dead Reckoning and am beyond impressed by the narration. The tv actress Sookie is ridiculously annoying but this lady has just the right amount of southern accent. Its been years since I listened to an audio book as a sequel to a print novel and was pleased by how many more details I picked up.

When I read I skim over the boring details but when I listen I catch them all.

I was super pleased to find Eric and Sookie's foretold separation are merely vamp convention; which will probably be resolved in the next book. I was less pleased to note a lot of story telling disparity. I think this writer planned a trilogy and anything beyond that is just being spun on the wind. When "long kept secrets" are revealed they often don't jive with timelines in other books.

I don't know if this is bad writing or the characters are lying to each other but its happened enough times for me to stop suspending disbelief.

Annoying but I keep reading. I figure her target audience are tweeners so I can't let my 33 year old self get overly critical :)