Friday, January 13, 2012

Convert Staples rewards into Gift Cards!

The Staples shopping experience.
GUYS! Prepare to have your minds BLOWN!*
So you know how Staples lets you recycle 10 ink cartridges (20 for us premiere folks) monthly for $2 each? Some of their rewards are also issued as store credit.

Well now you can use that store credit to buy gift cards to other places!!! I ordered Cheesecake Factory and Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards with my December rewards. After the (elated) fact I realized the optimal use for rewards was a Visa gift card. Future Anny will be so happy to order one next month!

Lately all of my cartridges have been coming from work because we are printing like mad but I still have a couple of hundred I purchased on eBay over a year ago. There's no shame in buying low and selling high :D

* Don't ever google images of "joy head explodes" at work. Its gory.


reidNYSTROM said...

Have you tried purchasing more gift cards recently? I went into the store and they would not let me purchase the gift card with the rewards points but have not tried it online yet. Has their policy changed or are you still able to purchase gift cards online? Did you try visa cards?
Thank you and I look forward to your response

Anny said...

Yes, you can only buy them on-line with rewards.

reidNYSTROM said...

Thank you very much for your response! When was the last time you have tried? Do you get the visa cards?
Thank you.

Anny said...

Yep, every month I convert my $40 rewards into a $50 Visa and pay the difference.

reidNYSTROM said...

Awesome! Thank you very much for your original post and your responses. I greatly appreciate it.