Friday, January 27, 2012

Buying meds with coupons

I saw this linked on a deals site:

I didn't have insurance for about twenty years so I know how expensive some of that stuff can be. This is a huge list of links to coupons for various drugs. They also have a link to create your own discount drug card for free. I put one of these on file at Walgreens about five years ago and when I needed some meds last summer it was still active and saved me about 40%. I also used it after lasik to buy those expensive eye drops that kept me from going blind but I don't remember how much it saved that time.

While couponing has certainly taken off in the past few years most people remain cynical of using it for medication. If you don't have a drug prescription plan, what is the harm in printing this card and putting it on file the next time you go by? The worst thing they can say is they don't accept this plan and that seems to happen with "real" insurance plans all the time anyway (trust me, I worked in a doctor's office for a few months a while ago).


Maria Hernandez said...

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I started my site in 2007 in honor of my mom who was spending more than $200 per month on copays for her medicines even though she had insurance.