Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maybe they can tell I call them Worst Buy?

This week - bring in a real dvd (no bootlegs) to any Best Buy and trade it in for $5 off any blu-ray priced $9.99 and higher.

I traded in Kill Bill 1 and 2 on dvd for the exact same thing on blu-ray. The blu-rays are on sale for $9.99 this week so they came out to $5 each - cheaper than I've seen them at garage sales! Note: You don't need to trade in for the same movie; this just worked out for me.

Sadly this is the only deal I can tell you about because Best Buy was determined to keep me from shopping. I walked in chipper and ready to buy but left feeling as if someone had put me in a washer machine full of ipods WITH VIDEO!

The trade-in was straight forward but you have to trade them in at customer service (where they make sure the dvd hadn't been minted half an hour earlier).

While there I watched the main dvd menu for something Christmassy loop at least ten times. I could see some action thing happening by the repair center and another movie over by mobile devices. Beyond that I could hear Rihanna somewhere.

Then on my mad dash back to my sound controlled car the guard who watched me trade in my dvds and even stickered them on my way in took forever checking over my receipt! I know its how stores curb shoplifting and I was polite cause his job sucks but Man!

I am so glad Best Buy saves their best deals for the internet because I don't know if I could shop there again any time soon.