Thursday, November 24, 2011

This year I am thankful for something quieter

My plan this morning was to wake up late, take a long shower, have waffles and then hit up drugstores for freebies.

The best laid plans go awry as I realized tomorrow's $19 Black Friday ladder was already on I started going through my list of things to buy and sure enough - my $60 ceiling fan at Home Depot was already there too. Next was all the free software at Staples...yep there too. After all that virtual shopping I stopped by for some Christmas shopping, a pair of earrings and heated mattress pad.

So if you were planning to get up early tonight make sure you check out the stores on-line. Here are some great coupons I used to sweeten my deals:

10% off at Lowes.Com: 471185980200658
$5 off $50 at HDTHANKS
20% off at CON20HH4

After my virtual shopping and dinner with my beloved it was drugstore time. I ran into a trio of women at CVS carrying around that list photographed above. They'd been planning this for 3 weeks and went to a 24 hour CVS last night. The ring leader told me she'd been unemployed for some time and had been couponning 26 weeks and already saved $5,200. That was enough to pay 50% of her husband's new car.

I don't know why but I always play dumb around other couponners. I've been doing this for years so I get how much fun it is to explain deals. I don't try to convert them to my way of shopping or warn them of burning out. I just provide an interested audience.

And sometimes ask to take pictures of their shopping lists ;)