Monday, November 21, 2011

So behind...but hydrated!

This is all stuff I bought on the 12th but have been too busy to sit and post.

I accidentally went to a garage sale after responding to a craigslist ad for $5 tv seasons. I got the rest of the Smallvilles, Dead Like Me, Tru Calling and some stuff to SwapADvd. Then cause the guys were having a garage sale I picked up a $1 utensil holder (cause I need 2 these days) and a $30 Keurig with some coffee cups and holder.

That weekend I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a "Wheeee Anny is 33" cake. I had a great time with people I hadn't seen in ages :)

Then last week it was all about work. I was at work for 11 1/2 hours on Friday; an all-time work record for me (when not working at home). I've always had a pretty good work ethic but lately I love being at work. Perhaps its just a sense of impending closure but I may as well ride it out for as long as it lasts.

I am looking forward to these 4 days off to sleep and clean and sleep some more. I'm tired and miss being at home :)