Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monthly Goals: Happy All Saint's Day

After Saturday's freak snowstorm there are trees like that EVERYWHERE! Call me dramatic but this is also how I felt most of the month.

A major happening was that JC Penny purchased Liz Claiborne, who I freelance for. In the short run this is great because there is a ton of work for me. I worked 12ish-6ish daily and managed to put aside a nice chunk of change last month. The downside is JCP doesn't have offices on this coast so will probably move us to NYC or Texas, where they are located. I am trying not to worry until I can think more logically rather than emotionally.

I bought a snow blower and tried to get a shed built for it by a few different folks. They kept flaking so I am going to try someone else today. Getting reasonable labor in Paterson is proving to be difficult, as always.

I attended training to become an Alateen mentor. I keep hearing stories about horrible childhoods at the hands of alcohollic caretakers and want to help. My background check should be completed soon and we are planning to start the group in January.

That conference I was helping plan was also postponed until January'ish. I had resevations about the short time period but left it to fate. Turns out fate doesn't like last minute things and did everything it could INCLUDING that snowfall on the day the conference was scheduled for. LOL

Exercise was fun. I got better at Zumba once I showed up with enough sleep and food under my belt. It was only a one month trial but I don't think I will resign up. I like gentle exercise where I can feel my body move instead of rushing through different steps. I can see the fat burning lure of it though! My waist is smaller and I can wear the majority of my jeans again *self high 5*

My car was hit on Saturday by someone who decided to back into his driveway instead of going forward like a normal driver. I was at a standstill, he was 100% guilty but also didn't have insurance. I went through a ridiculous ordeal the last time this happened and also felt bad for the guy. He said he didn't have insurance but also had that "I'm here illegally" air to him. For better or worse I took cash to fix the mess, rather than call the cops and go through all that insurance rigamarole again. Luckily everyone thinks the dent can be popped out for what he gave me and the engine seems fine. I don't know if I could have done this for someone before spending so much time with people who are here illegaly. I'd been so removed from it for so long that I'd become uncaring.

So what do I want to do this month?

Make lists
When I make lists I don't get as overwhelmed by the big picture. All of my monthly goals require multiple steps and if I don't focus on the smaller stuff I will be overwhelmed by the bigger stuff. Bad!

1. Clean
My dad was here for a week and we had a TON of guests! This was awesome except my house got dirty and I've been focussing on stuff other than cleaning. I need to break down my list into stuff I need to do in every room. I should also take down Halloween decorations and put up fall stuff.

2. Turn 33 WHEEE!
My cousin is making the cake and I have not planned a single thing beyond that. Luckily its just my favorite folks and they will be happy if I serve toast (not really). I look forward to a nice, laid back day culminating in cake.

3. Shelter the snow blower
I am hesitant of adding this since it is out of my hands. I can't build a shed. My worst case back-up plan is my uncle comes back from DR on the 23rd and he is very handy. If all else fails I can do my best impression of a novela damsel and seek succor.

4. Bring out the winter garb, unclutter summer
Stephen King has to help me here. We had a sample sale at work in October and I bought about 20 sweaters and long sleeved tee-shirts instead of pulling out my winter clothes. I haven't put away any summer clothes and did laundry yesterday. If I bring out my usual winter clothes ON TOP of this mess my closet will probably call FEMA and move elsewhere.

5. Winter seal the house
I bought the plastic window covers at Target but haven't taken the time to tape them up. I also haven't pulled out the air conditioners. I am hoping I can store the air conditioners in the closet once I empty the winter clothes boxes but this may be blind optimism.

November is a rushed month. There are a lot of holidays in there and I am hoping I can take advantage of them to get these things done. When I get home at 7-8 I don't feel like cleaning and in the morning I usually want to eBay or run all my errands. Luckily I've been pretty laid back about things lately. Even though I spent most of last month being split in multiple directions I only broke down once and that is progress ;)