Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keratin Report

I went in for a keratin treatment at Hair Ambition in Nutley, NJ today. So on a good hair day my curls look like this:

Unfortunately 2011 has been awful for my hair and its been half frizz and half curl lately. I saw a keratin treatment on groupon last month and signed up for it.

I just got home and this is what it looks like now:

Ignore the awful state of my nails; I spent a significant portion of yesterday painting and moving furniture.

First they washed my hair, then it was partially dried using a blow drier alone. I looked just like Troy Palumalo; which amused the hair dresser but did not surprise me at all. I get the feeling most of the clientelle there is white and their hair kinda puffs when dried. Mine reacts as if I were playing with static electricity.

Afterwards the keratin treatment was applied near the roots and brushed down a bit. Then it was blow dried again; followed by a flat iron. When my hair was relaxxed in the past the hair dresser would slather treatment on my hair then pull it taut and brush, brush, brush. Apparently keratin is super strong stuff that reacts to flat irons instead of being pulled straight. I just hope this helps tame my frizz and allows my curls to rebond.

I was kind of hoping my hair would look nice enough to wear it for my birthday party Saturday but that is a negative. Since its so greasy near the scalp but dry near the roots it looks like I washed it 4 days ago and should be heading into a shower soon. The hair dresser told me to avoid washing it for a few days so I may show up to Cake Day with a bandana or lots of mood lighting ;)