Saturday, October 1, 2011

That was a nice month

You know what guys? I think I've finally slowed down. I'm still working and driving and cooking but I've given up the illusion of perfection. Oddly enough, as my attitude became more laid back (without being dismissive) I managed to do more and feel better.

I will be honest - my kitchen still has roughly 5-6 inches of inches right off the ceiling that hasn't been painted and I haven't hammered in a single piece of trim. I am more than ok with that because its about the progress not perfection and you know what I did this month?

I made the most gorgeous (to me) window valances and tie backs with pins. Then I put up wooden shades. To top it off I installed an undercabinet radio which involved my borrowing drill bits and balancing electronics in one hand while drilling with the other.

I knocked going to the Statue of Liberty and the Paterson Museum off my bucket list. I tried Zumba and throughly embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of strangers who were embarrassing themselves in front of me. After reading about the correlation between apples and cholesterol I've been eating one a day. I baked. I garage saled. I eBayed more in one month than in the past year.

I put away my fat jeans!
And the next day my uncle told me I looked like I'd put on some weight. I laughed because a woman's weight is only relevant to her (and her trainer if she has one).

So what do I hope October will bring me?

1. More eBaying
I used up all 50 free listings last month and am raring to go again!

2. A conference!
A friend of mine is organizing a conference and asked me to help. I am filled with self-doubt and ideas.

3. Possibly teen mentoring
I know - me? I am not sure about this because I barely feel like more than a teenager on most days but we will see what life brings.

4. Some yoga, some zumba, some goofing
I am happy with my weight but exercise is a wonderful ruler for the rest of my life. When I exercise I watch what I eat, sleep more soundly and am happier.

5. More rain
I have black-out bedroom curtains and those awesome window blinds in the kitchen. Every morning feels like a cloudy day in the Anny Household. I know rainfall isn't an achievable goal for anyone but Ted Mosby but how can you dislike rain? Us curly haired folk end up with nicer coifs, rain boots are suitable footwear for adults and I have a brand new trench coat! Rain forces people to slow down and sometimes urban life needs that nudge from Mother Nature.

Mostly I wish October to be full of happiness for me and you, Constant Reader.