Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sony is dead, time to find a new credit card

As if!
For the past two years my Sony card (through Chase) was my go-to card for non-AMEX purchases. I only got 1% back on most purchases but they had awesome games which netted me thousands of free points. Earlier this year Capital One took over and the games are almost completely gone, redemption is much higher and I've purchased as much Sony stuff as I need.

Here is a sweet breakdown of stuff I got mighty cheap or sometimes even free over the past two years:
I loved my Sony card and it definitely gave me the most stuff with the least amount of spending. *moment of silence*

Here are the two cards I am debating to replace it:

Discover More
I haven't had a Discover card for a few years but folks on Slickdeals are always purchasing through the Discover Online Shopping Mall for extra cashback at stores I like (amazon, lowes, office depot, etc). They are always reminding each other to go through the site and I feel left out, damnit!

  • I could save up to 20% shopping through their ShopDiscover portal, including 5% at Lowes and Depot
  • The orange band around the card is cute
  • No sign-up bonus, instead they have a 0% apr which is pointless for me
  • 5% Bonus categories change every other month so I would need to keep track
  • Discover isn't accepted everywhere

Chase Freedom

  • $200 bonus cashback after I spend $500 in first three months
  • 5% Bonus categories also always change
  • Their store portal gives up to 10% back on on-line store purchases
  • Chase sold me off to Capital One once already
Here are the cards I still carry and need to supplement:

AMEX business - 5% back at gas stations, my cellphone, office supply stores, JetBlue flights

Citi Diamond Preferred - Used to be my go-to for drugstores and wasn't used for over a year but if I go with Discover having a MasterCard could be handy for places which diss both AMEX and Discover.


Alicia said...

Sounds like you've done your homework. My first card was a Discover Card and it was hard to find any place that would take it. Hopefully if you choose that one you will have better luck than I did.