Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MAJOR Freebies at Office Depot (watch your wallet)

Office Depot is giving away a ton of stuff this week. Freebies are limit two per customer per day so you could easily rack up a lot of swag. The internet almost convinced me to go load up on K Cups (2 per upc per customer per day is a lot of hydration) but then I realized if I want hot chocolate or tea I can just nuke it the old fashioned way.

Get the stuff now and you will get the money back as store credit in mid-Novemberish.
Remember: these are limit 2 per custumer per day and on-line orders qualify as well:
I am going to get one of those storage carts to organize my interim eBayables. I love owning the stuff but once its photographed it sits around in open boxes waiting for a new home.