Friday, October 14, 2011

Hey are your Energizer batteries leaking?

Not you again, go That Way --->
So as you guys know, Energizer batteries were free last week at Office Depot and Duracells are free next week at Staples. I was reading about the internet and realized a lot of people are complaining about leaking Energizers. I figured they must be old batteries or left in devices for more than a year but then I realized it was happening to me!

I bought one of those wireless doorbell chimes at Lowes back in July and opened a pack of Energizers. Less than a month later it started complaining about low battery levels. When I changed the batteries one of them had leaked inside the compartment!

Now this is a little $15 purchase but folks are complaining about Energizer leaks in much pricier stuff. In completely related news, Chez Anny has become a Duracell only household.


Anonymous said...

I would agree I have had problems of leaking Energizer batteries. I have had generic batteries I have forgotten in devices for 4+ years, batteries are dead but not leaking. I just went through most of my batteries devices and found 6+ Energizer batteries that were leaking :( (all were 1.5 years old or less) I have had no problems with Duracell batteries. At this point Energizer isn't even worth free!