Sunday, October 9, 2011

Garage Saling - the faux-summer breakables edition

My friend and I were on our way back from a workshop Saturday when I saw a garage sale sign and gave us whiplash with my ninja-like turn. I kept debating Real Simple's Guide to an Uncluttered Home as it could possibly just become more clutter.

Then today it was 85 degrees and I went out in my sleevelessness and impending garage sale nostalgia. Here's what I picked up this weekend:

Real Simple's Guie to an Uncluttered Home .25
2 blue candle holders and what I am sure is a sundae cup for $2
3 White vases for $1
Reindeer candle holder with battery operated tea light .50
OXO salad spinner $2
2 NIB 4" Lenox vases and a 6"  $9

I have been passing up those white vases since 2008 but this sale had a pattern I'd never seen, another I covetted and they were 3/$1. Ironically the thing I may use least is the salad spinner. My only family member interested in kitchen stuff talked me into one a few weeks ago.

Now I just need lettuce.


Alicia said...

Well run out and buy some lettuce as those salad spinners are great. You did pretty good considering all the treasures you bought.