Friday, September 9, 2011

Visiting the Statue of Liberty from the Jersey side

I should install one of these at the end of my entrance foyer
I heard on the radio the statue would be closing next month for a year while they do maintenance work. Call me jaded but a year in maintenance work means at least two years.

So we reserved tickets from Liberty State Park to ferry over today. Tickets are $13 with pedestal access (crown tickets were sold out months in advance). The park is less than a mile off the turnpike and parking was $7.

Your mouth to my closet shelves Eiffel
So here's the thing - our tickets said 1pm but that wasn't checked by anyone. We got to the departure point around 12:45 and just missed one ferry but the next came about half an hour later. I'm guessing the ticket times are suggestions.

This plaque made the largest impression because I read a story in first grade about it. It was one of the first stories to make me cry and I never thought the plaque really existed or that I would see it.

Statue of liberty stairs to the pedestal
Psyched by the plaque I suggested we walk up the ten(ish) flights of stairs to the top of the pedestal. This was unwise and I felt awful for a few minutes. Luckily I could pretend to admire the view instead of passing out.

Then I took some awesomely abstract close-ups of the statue at odd angles. This was one of my favorite parts and I may photo collage them the next time Walgreens gives them away.

Don't worry, I got a bunch of the generic straight forward shots too. I just don't like them as much.

I even got the generically happy couple snuggling in public shot. My guy and I were not that couple.

Although we took the elevator down and preserved our relationship.

So my advice when visiting the statue? Don't overdress like I did. I had longish sleeves and long jeans with many pockets for all of my non-pursey stuff (security checkpoints) and was sweltering. Also make sure you bring sunscreen. I tanned but my guy burns :(

And if you think you are running late and you won't get in; even though its on your bucket list and you reserved tickets over a month ago? Don't sweat it, no one checked our time and the ferry didn't even leave at the exact time on our reservation.

I'm planning to go back one day because I would like to make it to the crown. I'd take the elevator though ;)


Della said...

So cool! I loved this one book about a girl named Lilly who raised donations for the Statue when I was a kid. I think my Mom still has it, actually.