Friday, September 16, 2011

Target is Clearancing Exercise Stuff

I dropped by Target today to see if they had Missoni stuff. Of course they didn't but that's ok. Can I admit I don't like ikat? I'm a smooth curves kinda gal and unending pointy edges aren't my thing.
Know what is my thing? Lately exercise in the home. I lost those 10 pounds I wanted to drop thanks to that weighted hula hoop and some (very, very) sporadic Just Dance 2! I hoop for about five minutes every other day but it must be enough cause today I broke out the "normal" jeans since my fat jeans were looking baggy even belted.

These 1.5lb Embark ankle and wrist weights were down to $2.88. My arms get tired when I hoop so I hope this will help me tone.

This Gaiam 1lb weight set was $4.24 and I already own a set of 5lb weights but it came with a dvd and I can probably con someone else into exercising with me if the weight is 1lb vs. 5. Plus aren't they cute?

Also 75% off were kettle balls, those big sit-up balls, varying weights on the stuff I bought, core balance boards and some other stuff I debated but left cause I probably wouldn't use it.

I bought these mirrored round mirrors for $3.24 because I'd admired them for a while and they were 75% off too but they may get returned. I thnk I had the perfect place for them in  my old apartment but not here.

This little side table was 50% off to $9.98. I also bought the one one with a black top in case I decided the pink was too bright. Turns out I dig the pink. My brother painted my living room pink and its a color I would have never chosen. I think I own a pink tank top and that's it. The color has grown on me though and I love how it plays off my brown furniture.

I got lost on the way to work and bought this candle holder at a garage sale for $2. Its more than I normally pay for seasonal crap but it was brand new and the sale was run by 5 little old white haired ladies selling things they'd embroidered and sewn. They were so darling and give me hope of finding a garage sale possee one day.