Sunday, September 18, 2011

So Nice, I went back Twice

I went back to the grandma garage sale today because I figured there would be more stuff and I was right!

.25 Napkin holder
.50 pair of hand carved candle holders which look mighty Dominican to me
.25 hand carved bangle to wear with that necklace I won last year
.25 Rent receipt book - had been on my "to buy" list
.25 Lidded glass jar
.50 Pier One candle holder
$2.20 - Pair of Fire King pie pans with matching little dishes

Isn't that beautiful? It looks like lacy glass. I will probably use them to toast french fries and serve ketchup in the mini bowls. Martha Stewart would approve.

The candle holder makes a cute base for my previously garage saled vase (that was a good sale) and long-suffering aloe plant. My neighbor put a medium sized aloe plant in a planter outside three months ago. The thing is twice its original size! If I could figure out how to get dirt and roots into this narrow mouthed jar I would do the same. This aloe plant has been in water for about three years and is being kept alive by the sheer force of my will.

I put candy corn in the glass jar because in the showrooms at work they have gorgeous candy holders and I am an idea thief:

Their jars are much nicer but contain Dum Dum lollipops and those make me think of pediatrician visits. Candy corn is much better.


Michelle said...

Wow Anny, you did great this weekend! By the way I do know something about Pyrex and you SCORED! I looked up your pattern on Etsy and a much smaller one is selling for $17.50 plus shipping.

Thanks so much for coming by my blog for a visit, I hope you will be back again soon.

:) Michelle

Della said...

You are a yard sale queen.

Ooh, I love Dum Dums. So much.