Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shop Ikea's As-Is department Wednesdays for better deals

On Wednesday Ikeas mark down their as-is departments by an additional 10%. I've had such wonderful luck in the as-is department that I go enter the store through there.

Sometimes I think I have an Ikea fairy godmother. About a month ago I decided I wanted a white malm nightstand and there was one in the as-is. Today I wanted a 3 shelf Billy in white and there was one in the as-is as well! Being an adult who likes white furniture kicks ass cause Ikea charges much more for other colors. Check out that shelf - its $25 for white but $50 for the others. Since it was in the as-is it was marked down to $16.xx and already assembled. *joy*

They should sell pedometers
So next time you want something from Ikea, start in the as-is section and make sure its a Wednesday!