Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monthly Goals: Back to School edition

Well except that I won't be going back to school this month. My favorite little cousin starts college next week, which has me majorly nostalgic. While I love having her be an adult I remember walking her across the street for the first day of kindergarten. *weep weep*

I think I will keep September simple.

1. Declutter a thing a day.
Caveat: Not all decluttering needs to happen the same day. I did this before and it was wonderfully successful.

2. Keep hooping, try to do a sit-up
My pants are looser and I can hoop much longer so I just need to keep it up

3. Finish the kitchen
Was this a goal last month? I am closer to the end now, I have the walls 75% painted and need to borrow a ladder for the ceiling and to remove some wire management nonsense. I spray painted the curtain rods but haven't hung anything up yet. Baby steps.

4. Cook more
I am finally getting over my kitchen hatred and even baked this month. Now that the end is in sight I am more willing to spend time in there.


Winter is coming so I need to buy a snow blower. The problem is I need something to house said blower. My brother suggested building a shed, which seems to be the cheapest and most secure way to go. My dad is coming up from DR next month so I am hoping he will take lead on this project. I am willing to pay for it but I don't want to hang out while someone builds it. Trying to find folks to do handywork around my house and yard has left me incredibly cynical and firm in my belief that anything to be done around here has to be done by me.

Or my daddy ;)


Della said...

You still haven't found anybody? That's so annoying! Gee, you should move to Virginia, we have a ratio of a handyman to every person. ;)

That hula hoop looks really fun. As someone currently doing fun exercise (ballroom dancing! So much fun. Yay community college!), I'm all about FUN. Did I tell you how much I love fun???